Monday, February 8, 2010

vNew Runners! Runners continue to sign up for Fria! The 100 mile race has picked up speed this week. Aaron and Jason are following our blog. I'd like to invite both of them to join us! Jason is running Ironhorse on the 13th. Come on Jason-Ironhorse to Ironman-2 ultras in one month!!
NOTICE: I may increase the cutoff times for the race depending on how the conditions are in 3 weeks. We already have at least 1, 100 mile runner who will start on Friday.
This years race promises to be a GREAT adventure! This is not a PR course on a good day. The conditions could be tough. The cutoff times are VERY generous. Come and join us!
Please contact Sarah if you are thinking of running. I have been sending out information on directions, hotels and limited primitive camping that is available. If you need immidiate information, you may call my cell at 828-508-4772.

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  1. Fortunately or unfortunately I just saw your invitation to run the 100. Glad that I missed it because I would have probably been up for it. I will keep my eyes posted for the next one for sure!