Thursday, January 14, 2010

Registration Information

Registration for Nantahala Fria*****
If you are interested in running the 50K, 50 mile or 100 mile at Nantahala Fria, please send me an email telling me your name and what distance you plan to run. You will sign the waiver when you arrive at the Standing Indian Wilderness area before we begin the run. The race fee will be a donation of an amount that you can decide. You will pay this right before you run as well. We can make a recommendation as to what amount will help cover our costs-it will not be expensive. We have to use the donation system to keep within the rules of the local forest service office.
When you contact me with the your race information, I will send you an e-mail with more race details as well as to how to get to the start and local accomodations if you need them.
Please send your email of intent to
Happy Trails! Sarah Lowell